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Christmas is coming. Here is our selection of flyers, prints, and decorations for this year. Please scroll down on this page to view all of our content and printable items.
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What is a plain envelope card?
How to fold plain envelope cards
Making a quarter fold envelope
Removing the web address URL
before printing our items.
Half fold card printing
Our Christmas Flyers and Prints
Half-Fold Card Links Links to the Half-fold Text Pages. Black Blue  Brown  Gray  Green  Pink  Purple  Red  Turquoise 
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Coloring Page 01
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Flyer 01
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Decorative Print O1
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Flyer 04
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Decorative Print O4
We have flyers to help you announce events like meals and holiday parties.
You can customize these with your own text to add times and dates.
Let everyone know ahead of time if they need to make reservations in advance for seating in your establishment
for the holiday with a customizable flyer.
The matching prints make nice decorations, and the coloring pages are a perfect compliment to a kids menu.
It's always nice to let a kid color a seasonal picture for Christmas. 
Half-Fold Card Links Links to the Half-fold Text Pages. Black Blue  Brown  Gray  Green  Pink  Purple  Red  Turquoise 
Info about our greeting cards
All of the Half-fold cards are of the horizontal variety using a similar image to the quarter-fold, but custom designed to fit the
half-fold format. This allows for customization and adding your own text. This is the format that fits with our site.
All of these greeting cards are hand made and custom designed by us while traveling about and at home. Unlike a lot of the
common images you'll find at many other sites, we made these ourselves, using our own photos and images.
So you can be assured they are only available here.
All of the customizable items have directions on the form pages where you input the text for them. Once you get the
hang of using one item, you'll find that all of the customizable items on our site are similar.
Further important reading is in the tips and directions area of the site.

Tips on Printing This page tells you tips on how to set up your printer for best results. How to print from your web browser and more.
Half Fold Printing Tips
Here you can find the directions on how to print the half fold versions paper orientation, 2 sided printing, etc..
Also has graphics to help you understand how that paper makes its way through the printer and which side will be printed on.
Plain Envelope Info Our own format designed to fit a common letter size envelope designed to save you money or great for emergencies.
These are also a great format for invitations. 

Plain Envelope Card Folding
How to fold this format to fit that envelope.
Folding a Fold Envelope Make your own quarter fold envelopes and just use some heavy paper for your to print on. Save your money
for the gift and party items, right?
Detailed Instructions for Removing the web address or URL before you print. Get rid of that default text with the time and date and web
address before you print your items.