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Customizable Calendars
Our customizable calendars allow the user to enter text that will be included in the final Printout.
These calendars are available in monthly format, with many of the major holidays already included.
We also have a weekly planner format in which the user may customize for any seven day period.
You may use these calendars however you wish and print as many copies as you need
The calendars are designed to minimize ink usage and provide a very sharp printout. They are ideal 
for either reminding yourself, your customers, or your friends of important dates in a very clear manner.
Printable Calendars
Our printable calendars are low ink usage calendars that are just right for those extra calendars you 
need for everything from the office to the car to the work shop, with plenty of white space to scribble on.
These Calendars are available by the year and by the month.
You will find that we do not have large picture calendars. You are far better of to purchase large picture 
calendars from a professional printing company. This will be more economical than using a full pack of 
premium inkjet paper and most of your ink cartridge, for less than optimal results.
Office forms         
We have a small but growing selection of office forms available for print only, especially handy 
when you need just one item, or when you need an item fast.
Lined Paper
Here you will find templates to print lined notebook paper, and graph paper. Again, these are very 
useful when you either need just one or have ran out late at night. It would not be cost effective for 
an individual to print 500 sheets of these on their own printer.
Customizable Flyers and Signs
Here you will find templates which will allow you to enter text and then print out signs and flyers.
Some of our preformatted items include a for sale sign, a caution sign, an all purpose flyer, and a 
church flyer. This line will be expanded in future updates.
Plain Signs
These are plain, orange and black signs much like the ones you would purchase at the store.
These are great for convenience when you need a sign fast. Wet Paint, Yard Sale, For Rent, etc...
Designer Signs
These are your basic signs as well except they have different colors and more graphic lettering.
Business signs
These signs have words commonly found on signs in places of business such as "Employees Only".
Banner Letters and Numbers
These are letters and numbers that print large on a single sheet of paper for making banners.
I.E. "CLASS OF 2001"  "HAPPY NEW YEAR" etc...
Greeting Cards All sections feature customizable cards. Add your own text.
Birthday Cards 1
This selection of cards uses many animal pictures such as dogs and horses on the cards.
Birthday Cards 2
These cards are seasonally themed and intended to be given for birthdays in a particular month.
We add a new card for the upcoming month just before each month.
Get Well, Sympathy, and Thank You Cards
Just as the heading says.
Love and Friendship Cards
For correspondence with friends and loved ones, Happy Anniversary, Thinking of You, Wish you were here, etc...
All Purpose Cards
Here you can find picture and image cards without any text on the front. You can easily make these into 
any type or any language card you wish.
Our cards are available in both fold and Plain Envelope formats. 
The fold cards are in the traditional format, much like the ones you would purchase. These do require
require special envelopes. Our Plain Envelope cards are formatted to print an equally nice card, but will
fit in your ordinary, cheap, Plain Envelope for letters. We provide special folding directions to these.
We also have a new page to show you how to fold an envelope for a fold card from a single sheet of paper.
Recommended Links
Here you will find links to many of the better greeting card sites on the web for whatever you are looking for.
If we don't have it, we still hope you can find it somewhere out there. We are always open to suggestions as
well. We plan to add more and more content in time.
For Kids 
We have some low ink usage full page printable images just right to color with crayons.
Look in our greeting card sections and Holiday sections for Kids items.
Here you can find links to major holidays and the approximate time we will update those sections.
Tips on Printing  Important Reading!
Here you will learn how to set up your browser for best printing. How to turn on and off background printing.
How to not print the URL, date, and time on your page, and more. Some of these tips will save you ink no
matter where you print on line. Most of these tips are for Internet Explorer, but apply to other browsers too.
We're small. We're open to suggestions and will provide a response when ever possible.
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