Terms of use

Terms of use

Here is some fine print.

This web is presented "as is" leaving absolutely no remedies for anything.
We can not be held responsible for any damage to any equipment used to 
connect to this this site, or used to collect or print from this site.
We can not be held responsible for personal injuries sustained 
while using this site. We can not be held responsible if the site does not 
function properly. We accept responsibility for nothing basically.
We are not responsible for proper hyperlink labeling or functioning.
We are governed by the laws of the United States, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
All printable material is our own original material and may not be 
altered in any way, except in the case to make it print as intended.
Please do not remove our name from materials, after all it cost you nothing.

We will try to maintain this site in good working order. 
If you find an error or problem, please use the feedback 
page to bring it to our attention so we can correct it.
All links out side of our site are provided as a matter of convenience for our users.
We are not responsible for the content of these sites.

Printfree.com survives by selling advertisement space, and through commissions from
affiliate merchants. Since we are not an actual merchant, conduct no transactions, and
handle no merchandise, it is the users responsibility to ensure the validity and
integrity of the merchant or advertiser. In real words, please use the same precautions you
would use with mail order or a telephone transaction. If a deal appears to good to be
true, it is. We do try to screen our advertisers and have chosen some pretty reputable
merchants to affiliate with.

Please use this site as intended and enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting, please come again!

To answer a frequent question.
If you own a store or gift shop or are a florist and have a computer and printer,
yes, you may print free cards for you customers or allow them to print free cards from this site.
This might allow them to spend a little extra on the gift rather than having to buy a card too.
This site is intended to save home users and business users alike some money,
as well as offer some unique items that aren't found anywhere else. 

If you are a printing company, greeting card publisher, calendar publisher, etc...
No, you may not print and sell our items unless you want to pay us.
No, we are not going to provide a bunch of images for email card sites or
any type of web site for that matter. We will allow use of one or
two images for personal web pages and more upon request.

In short the items on this site are intended to be given away
or used by the the persons printing them.

Should you have questions please contact us through our feedback page.