Quarter Fold Envelope

Fold Envelope Illustrations from Printfree.com
How to make a simple quarter fold envelope from a sheet of paper.
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Half fold card printing

How to fold an envelope from a sheet of paper

Yes you can make nice looking fold cards right from your own printer.
cards image
The downside is those packages of paper with the matching funny sized
envelopes, and the purchase of inkjet cartridges, and the purchase of
desktop publishing software, consumes the savings realized by not
actually purchasing greeting cards in the store.
As you've undoubtedly seen throughout other pages in this site, we've covered
the image and card issues pretty well, and will continue to update our material.
Now let's tackle the envelope issue, and save some money.


Step 1
This outline show proper card placement
to begin making an envelope. The card will
be directly in the center, side way when the
paper is viewed in its' normal position.

Here is another view, the card is in the normal
position, The sheet of paper is now sideways.
You don't have to draw an outline.

Step 2
The first two folds will be on the long sides
(11") of the paper, fold them so the card has
just a little bit of room on each side.

Step 3
Using medium pressure, use a clean, hard
object, to go over and crease the folds, on
a hard clean surface. The side of this marker
and the wooden table top in the photo work
very well for this purpose.

Step 4
The next fold will make the bottom of the
envelope or the "pouch"

Step 5
This fold will make the top of the
envelope or the "flap"

Step 6
Ordinary transparent tape will
seal up the envelope just fine.

Step 7
Address your envelope, add a stamp,
and you're done.

In Closing
We're sure you'll be able to think of many ways to get creative and make even nicer
looking envelopes than illustrated above. This should help get you on the right path.
And, it can be done without sharp objects. That's good for kids!
Thank you for visiting!