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Half fold cards are a two step process. For more info read:
Half Fold Printing Tips
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Customize this card with your text.
The first two lines on this card have larger text and accept 1-32 characters.
Other fields will accept between 1-40 characters.
If using all capitals, use approx. one third less characters per field.
Wide letters like "W" and "M" take extra space.
You can change the greeting to say anything you wish.
All fields must have an entry. By default we have entered
either text or a blank for you. Should you receive
an error message, simply refer to the field named, and enter a blank
space with your space bar, or the text you want.

After your text has been entered click on make my card, to view your
ready to print card.
Use your back button to return to this page for making changes. 

If this is your first visit to this site please read Tips on Printing for best results. 

This is not a secure web page. Info you enter could be viewed.

To view the text after you click make my card, you will have to
scroll down on the print page. 

(The text has to print at the bottom for proper orientation on the half-
fold cards.)
Half Fold Printing Tips

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