Plain Envelope Card Folding Instructions

Folding Our Plain Envelope Cards 
We're dedicating a special page to show how to fold our new printable plain envelope cards.
Remember, these are designed to be nice looking, unique cards, meaningful to the recipient, as well as cost effective to the sender.

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Folding cards to fit letter envelopes

Step 1
Begin by using a heavy sheet of bright white
inkjet paper for best results, printer set on best 
high quality setting. Normal may work if you 
really want to conserve ink. Your printed card 
should resemble the one to the right. 

Step 2
Fold the page over top to bottom, printed 
surface outward. Use care to align the 
corners, as this step has great effect on 
the final card. Going over the folded edge 
with a smooth, hard, clean object will 
give the fold a professional look. 

Step 3
Fold the right side of the card the desired 
amount. It will be less than 
one third. Use a plain envelope
as your guide. (as explained in step 6)

Step 4
Now fold the left side of the card. Keep in 
mind, the main image will be front and 
center when completed. The left fold should 
be the same distance from the main 
picture as the right fold was.

Step 5
Your completed card should look 
like the one shown on the right.

Step 6
We recommend using the same plain 
envelope the card will be mailed in as a 
guide for easy folding. We originally put 
alignment marks on these cards. 
They we're ugly so we removed them.

Step 7
Personalize it, sign it and mail it. Yes, currency 
and checks fit great in these cards.
We don't recommend mailing currency.