Calendars - printable monthly, 2016

Free Printable Calendars from  Archives Monthly 2016
Easy to print basic plain calendars. Cheap enough to write on, fold up, and throw in the
glove box for future reference. Nice enough to display in the office.
These are very conservative on ink usage to keep printing costs down. 
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Our 2016 Calendars

Monthly Vertical
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To print HTML items properly  
from our site your text size
should be set for medium.
This is the default setting
under the view  menu on 
later versions  of Internet
Explorer. This sizes it
properly for one page.)
Tips on Printing 
Jan 2016  Holiday    Blue
Feb 2016 
Holiday    Blue
Mar 2016 
 Holiday   Blue
Apr 2016 
 Holiday   Blue
May 2016 
Holiday    Blue
Jun 2016 
 Holiday   Blue
Jul 2016  
Holiday   Blue
Aug 2016 
 Holiday   Blue
Sep 2016 
Holiday    Blue
Oct 2016 
 Holiday   Blue
Nov 2016 
 Holiday   Blue
Dec 2016 
Holiday    Blue

2 Month Vertical Calendars.
These are HTML & will edit
well. There is room at the top
for editing in titles or printing
on Letterhead.
December-January 2015-16
January-February 2016
February-March 2016
March-April 2016
April-May 2016
May-June 2016
June-July 2016
July-August 2016
August-September 2016
September-October 2016
October-November 2016
November-December 2016
December-January 2016-17

4 month overview html
vertical calendars.

Links are to the right.
These calendars have
a large size current
month as well as three
smaller months, last
month and the next two
months ahead.
January 201

Whole Year 2016
Year 2016 & date boxes
Whole Year 2016
2016 & abbreviated holidays
2016 numbered days  
2016 White gif plain 
2016 small 4 per page Bold!

2016 small one page
Large 15 month school year
Small 15 month school year
2016 Mondays start week
2016 Broadcast weeks

Complete Yearly Calendar Page


Larger Horizontal
Version, More room
to write.
Red, White, &
Blue Thin Line
Calendar for 2016.
Major Holidays
January 2016 
February 2016
March 2016 
April 2016 
May 2016 
June 2016 
July 2016 
August 2016 
September 2016 
October 2016 
November 2016 
December 2016 

Original Horizontal
Smaller version
of our Red, White, &
Blue Thin Line
Major Holidays
January 2016   

Monthly Bold original
 Links are to the right.
Linked with Arrows These
work great for garages,
workshops, and more,
easy to read from
a distance. Should be
helpful to people with
impaired vision as well.
January 2016   

Extra Bold
January 2016   

Calendar tips
See tips on printing for more information. Our printable calendars will be updated periodically.
Yes you may use them for work or business. Please keep our name on them.
Many of our calendars are custom handmade designs.
Though we try hard to proof read our work, we make no claims to total accuracy. 
If you should happen to find a mistake, please let us know about it through our feedback page.

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