Some Tips for Printing Big Calendars
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Enlarged Calendar on a standard size door.

A calendar to be customizable, fit on one page, print out fairly
easy, and be useful, is not a real easy task.
With some letters being wide, like W & M, and the default
3/4" borders many browsers add to web pages, making our
calendar an actual useful item, required the use of very small text.
In most cases this is fine for a hold in your hand scheduling
type calendar. 

Here is a few tips for making a much larger calendar, bulletin board
sized, that won't be so hard to read.
These tips are for a fairly common HP printer, but many printers have
programs that will allow for the same type of printing.
You may need to consult the owners manual for your printer.


The printer we currently use for test printing is a HP business series inkjet. It has many of the
same print characteristics as the home versions we've seen. It's almost 2 years old as of this
writing. You may find things a bit different on your printer.
Here's how we did it.
After making up a customizable monthly calendar and hitting the "Make My Calendar"
button and arriving at the ready to print page.
At the top of our Internet Explorer window, from the menu, we selected "File" by left clicking it
with our mouse. This made a drop down menu appear. We next selected "Print". This opened
up a dialog box for printing. In this box we selected the button that says "Properties". This
opened the dialog box for our particular printer. We now selected features. This is where
You will find a box for poster printing. 2X2 was the selection we made. Note that we left
orientation set as portrait. Then we selected OK and OK. The printer did the rest.

This did require some trimming with scissors and some tape to put together, but overall was
pretty simple, and only took a few minutes to put together.
Don't forget to change the setting back before you print again if you want one sheet. In most
cases closing your browser window will do this for you and restore the default settings the
next time you launch it.