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Detailed Instructions & Reference for our customizable calendars

Making Entries
Just add your own text in the spaces provided.
Text may be overwritten. When you have made all of your entries
click "make my calendar" (the gray box at the bottom of the calendar)
This will take you to the next page where you can print your calendar
by using the print button or command at the top of your web browser.
You can return to this page to make changes by using the back button
at the top of your web browser. To clear all entries from the calendar
and start a new one, click on the reset button at the bottom of the page.
Error messages
In order to keep the calendar the right size for printing we have to
restrict the number of letters allowed in each space. All of the date
boxes (i.e. Sunday the 13th) require between 1 and 12 letters to do this.
You read right, each box requires at least 1 letter. Don't worry, we added
a blank space to each box by default. Yes you may overwrite that blank
to fit the full 12 letters into each box. However, if you clear that same text,
and decide to leave the space blank, you must put a blank back in by
using your space bar.
If you receive an error message, it is indicating one of two possible errors.
You have either too many characters in the indicated space, or not
enough characters, meaning you've removed every last character from
the space.
The error message will contain a number. If you look at the calendar
below, you will notice that all of the entry fields (boxes) have numbers
under them. These correspond with the error messages to help you
locate the problem box and correct it with out starting all over.

Using CAPITAL or UPPER Case Letters
Very Important! When using all CAPITAL LETTERS it will be necessary
to use one third less characters than the form allows.
This is because some capital letters like W vs. w are very wide.
Using too many will widen your whole calendar so much that part of it
won't fit on the page and won't print..
We recommend you use capital letters sparingly for best results.
Also, be sure your browser text size is set on medium.
From the drop-down menu in Internet Explorer, select View. Now go
down to highlight text size. This is where you can make sure your
text is set to medium. This setting effect the print size. All of our items
are designed to use medium.

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