Our Privacy Policy

We at Printfree.com respect your right to privacy.

We do not collect and sell your personal information to marketers, or anyone else.

The only data we collect are common web access logs, to help us analyze which areas of our site are visited the most, which time of the day is busiest, and other broad information. This helps us create useful content for you, our visitors.

Please remember this when you create one of our user interactive customizable items, i.e. customizable calendars, and don't enter any personal information that you would not want viewed by anyone. The first field is saved by default to our results for evaluation purposes.

When visiting one of our affiliate merchants to make a purchase, they will handle the transaction on their site, and provide the security they deem necessary. Many of our merchants are highly respected in their industry and have been handling transactions for many years.

What about cookies? We don't have any of our own cookies, but some of our affiliate partners do use cookies for the simple purpose of identifying that you did in fact click through on an ad from our site, so that we will receive credit for the click through or sale. These aren't the bad privacy invading cookies you read about in the newspaper, and generally automatically expire, and take very little space on your hard drive.

To delete cookies, open the Internet Options dialogue under the tools menu. Under browsing history click delete. This will open a dialogue that will enable you to delete Temporary Internet files, cookies, history, form data and more. For more detailed instructions, use the help section for your web browser.

Addition 03-20-2009 as per Google Adsense program. Your posted privacy policy should include the following information about Google and the DoubleClick DART cookie: Thank you for visiting, now you can relax and enjoy this site as it was intended!