Directions for Enlarging Text Size
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Here are some directions you may wish to experiment with if you wish to
increase the size of the text you have entered to make it larger on your
printed card.
The text you enter here that will appear on your card is a standard web
HTML format. Later versions of Internet Explorer will allow you to change
the size of the text on your display. Most printers will recognize this
change and print the text larger.
The picture on the card will remain the same size. Should you decide to
do this, you will need to decrease the maximum number of characters
entered by about 30%. Up to 15 characters will now be up to 11  characters,
up to 32 characters now becomes 22.
(*As long as you are not using all capital letters or many wide letters like
 "W & M" s, you may not need to decrease this number.)
If you do not decrease the number of characters your card may become
too large to fit on one page and you may lose some text when printed.
You may wish to test print on cheap paper until you get a feel for this.
Here's how to make the change.
On top of your Internet Explorer you will find a menu. In most cases the
third selection from the left is "View" Left clicking on "View" will make
a drop down menu appear. In this dropdown menu, highlight
"Text Size" and another menu will appear giving you several selections,
i.e. Largest, Larger, Medium, Smaller, and Smallest. Medium is usually
set as the default. Selecting Larger or Largest will increase the size
of your text or font, as discussed above.

You can wait until you get to the actual card page to make this change.
You will most likely want to set your browser back to Medium when you
finish since many websites are designed around this default setting. 
This is most useful with our quarter fold cards. The plain envelope versions
use larger text due to less alignment constraints for the images.