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Business Cards with Lines
These cards have lines for use on ordinary card paper.
The lines will act as guides for cutting the cards out. 
This form will make 10 simple Business Cards with your added text, in a printable format much like our customizable calendars.
Simply enter text in the desired fields (boxes) below. All of the fields will accept the number of characters shown,
  Click make my cards when finished to make your printable cards with your text. All fields must have an entry 
(we've provided text as guide) You can leave a space blank, just remember to add a space if 
you edit. Click Make My card, and print the finished flyer by using your browser print commands.
Finished cards will look different from this form, just click Make my cards for a preview, then use back to edit. However, 
our web editing tool is FrontPage2000 , which for obvious reasons optimizes results for Internet Explorer 4.1 or later.
In a very few cases the output of these forms do not print the background portion (images, etc...) If this is your first time here, 
or if you use a computer that is behind a secure firewall, or uses an operating system other than windows 95 or newer, or if you have 
a printer with a really fancy program installed, you may want to test print the finished calendar one time. Just to make sure you don't 
have this problem before you waste a lot of time filling out all the fields, just click make my cards to display the output page, then 
use your browser commands to print a copy. Use back to return. Older web browser versions may wish to test as well.
Please remember this is not a secure page and your entries could be viewed by someone.
We save the first entry in to forms to a results file on a temporary basis for evaluation purposes.

Use about 25% less characters if using all uppercase.
Test print on a sheet of cheap paper. Be sure to have text set at medium.

Example names are fictional, any similarities coincidental.


bcardablue01 (Up to 25 characters) 
bcardablue02 (Up to 50 characters) 
bcardablue03 (Up to 35 characters) 
bcardablue04 (Up to 50 Characters)
bcardablue05 (Up to 50 Characters)
bcardablue06 (Up to 50 Characters)

bcardablue07 (Up to 30 Characters)
bcardablue08 (Up to 30 Characters)

bcardablue09 (Up to 20 Characters)
bcardablue10 (Up to 20 Characters)